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Birthdate:Jun 23
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Species - Human

Skills - Witch, musician (piano)

Age - 66

Originally From - Las Vegas

Current Residence - Las Vegas

Career - Owner of 'Solomon's Scrolls' magic shop

Religion - Formerly Chrisitan - practicing Wiccan

Important Background Tidbits - born to a preacher's daughter and a traveling musician, Jazz was brought up in the slowly growing town of Las Vegas, the railway crossroads of Nevada. Her father, Zachariah Ephraim 'Slides' Dean had been a musician with a traveling circus until he met Jasmine May Charleston when his show came to Los Angeles, California, and the two ran away after her father tried to prevent the marriage. The newly declared city of Las Vegas, in the middle of Nevada seemed a good place to hide, and the two set up house there. The desert town was just starting to grow, and with the declaration of Prohibition things were difficult for the family that grew to three. Zach had to find work on the railroad, playing his trombone of an evening when he could, and Jasmine was working in the post office, the new city starting to become established. When their daughter arrived Jasmine had no family to assist, but some of Zach's former circus 'family' had come to settle in Las Vegas, and they helped her, including a woman only known as Helga. She was a Hungarian 'witch' who had traveled as a 'soothsayer' with the circus, but also had healing abilities, and Zach and Jasmine have her live with them until she passed away. She was 'Tante Helga' to Jazz, the child's given name known to very few. Her nickname was coined from a combination of her mother's and father's names, and her ability to play the drums and piano early in her life, as she would 'jazz up the beat' as her father used to say.

Once the city of Las Vegas started to blossom with the building of the Hoover Dam, business started to boom in the entertainment industry and soon Zachariah was back playing trombone in saloons, then clubs, then working to book entertainment for the casinos that were soon springing up. Jazz had finished school, but having been raised by her 'Tante Helga', had spent more time studying books of spells and potions than any other books on her curriculum. To help with the earning of income Jazz played in clubs, her style unique on both instruments, and she spent the next twenty years living in the bohemian world of music, dancing, greasepaint and hallucinatory drugs. These helped make it possible for her to explain to people they were imagining the things they were telling her they'd seen her do.

She hooked up with a magician, Jimmy Solomon, who came to town, the two of them ending up performing tricks that no-one could figure out, thanks to Jazz. It was then that she realised there were the two worlds of magic. There was Jimmmy's world of illusion, and then her world of 'magick'. Everyone was willing to be amazed and mystified by the illusions, but few were so accepting of the reality of what 'magick' was really all about, burying their heads in the sand when news stories, especially from the small town of Searchlight, were reported.

She opened Solomon's Scrolls when she and her magician husband decided that they didn't want to be depending on the booking agents for their income, and questions were being asked about how Jimmy did his magic tricks. The front of the store catered to the 'illusionists' of the Las Vegas world, while in the rear the real world of magick was catered to. Jimmy was killed one night, after he had had a run in with someone at a casino, leaving Jazz a widow, with no children.

She has taken on Melody as her apprentice, and secretly thinks of her as a surrogate daughter.

Personality Traits - Sometimes harsh, with little concern for others feelings, Jazz is more concerned with the balance of light and dark. She's past caring about what people think of her and doesn't care much what people think. She's gone up against the 'dark' side in both people, and magic, and doesn't see there's a whole lot of difference between the two, in fact prefers dealing with the darkness of the magical world because there's no 'politics' there, unlike the situation with people. She is still carrying bitterness about her husband's death, and the fact she was never able to find who did it.

PB - Lauren Bacall
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